12/06/2023 | Incher

Congratulations on your sucessful doctorate Francisco!

Francisco Pablo Flores completed his doctorate with a successfull disputation on December 8th.

Francisco Flores and Guido Bünstorf (supervisor)

Francisco Flores' dissertation is entitled "Testing the impact of large-scale digital support on Students-Paths towards College Education". The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an online intervention in guiding students on their paths toward college education, specifically by attracting them to high-rewarding majors. The thesis paid particular attention to disadvantaged students from both income and gender perspectives. Supervisors and committee members were: Prof. Dr. Guido Bünstorf (first supervisor), Prof. Dr. Björn Frank (Second Supervisor), Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold (Third supervisor). The committee members were Prof. Dr. Bettina Langfeldt) and Dr. Igor Asanov.

Congratulations Francisco!