APIKS Austria

The Academic Profession in the Knowledge-Based Society (APIKS) - Austria

Running from

2020 - 2022

In co-operation with

Department für Hochschulforschung (DHF) an der Donau-Universität Krems

APIKS Austria is conducted by the Department of Higher Education Research (DHF) at Danube University Krems in cooperation with the INCHER. INCHER is responsible for conducting the online survey, providing the technical infrastructure and data cleaning. In addition, it is together with the Department of Higher Education Research (DHF) responsible for the analysis and publication of the results.

The research project investigates the different tasks and activities of academic and artistic staff in research, teaching, knowledge and technology transfer as well as in higher education governance at Austrian universities, pursuing the following central objectives:

  • Investigation of the specifics of the Austrian higher education system in transition: as a follow-up study to Changing Academic Profession (CAP Austria) 2013, APIKS Austria enables the analysis of the stability and change in the practice of scientific and artistic staff in the context of current developments in higher education and science policy.
  • Analysis of the Austrian higher education system in international comparison: the DHF and INCHER-Kassel are part of a consortium with teams from 30 countries, e.g. Brazil, China, Finland, Japan, Russia, South Africa and the USA. The research teams are conducting the APIKS study in the participating countries. This connection makes it possible to determine the position of the Austrian higher education and science sector in an international comparison.
  • Supporting universities to improve institutional management and formulate strategic goals: For example, research results can be used to improve knowledge and technology transfer, third mission activities, human resources development and management, or the promotion of young academics.
  • Promotion of a data-based higher education policy discussion on working conditions in science and the (strategic) further development of the Austrian higher education system.

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