Companies that market digital products or services are often faced with the dilemma that their interest in and need for customer data conflicts with customers' desire for privacy. For consumers, it means an encroachment on their rights of self-determination if they have to disclose too much data or are guided in their behavior unnoticed by digital surveillance. In the project "Fair digital services: co-evaluation in the design of data-economic business models (FAIRDIENSTE)", this structural conflict is taken as an opportunity to explore and relate different ways of fairly communicating values in the course of business model design using sociological and (business) informatics approaches. First, it is investigated to what extent different values can be translated into an economic language of prices and fairly accounted for (accounting). Second, it is elaborated how companies can use their economic design power to channel value conflicts (design). Third, it will be examined to what extent the negotiation of value conflicts can be outsourced via social media elements in order to promote a culture of fairness among users (cultivation). In this way, a multidimensional methodology of "co-evaluation," i.e., cooperative value mediation, will be developed and tested under practical conditions to help companies reconcile their economic business models with aspects of data-economic fairness.


Network partners and team


Scientific partners:

ITeG, University of Kassel:
> Sociological Theory, Prof. Dr. Jörn Lamla (coordination)
> Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems, Prof. Dr. Claude Draude
> Knowledge & Data Engineering, Prof. Dr. Gerd Stumme

LMU Munich:
> Institute for Digital Management and New Media, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess

Partners from the field:
> Institute for Technology and Journalism e.V. (ITUJ e.V.)
> BurdaForward

02/2021 - 04/2024