SFB 1319 Summerschool 2019 - Poster Session

 Poster TitleWork-groupSFB-Project
1Strong field ionization of chiral molecules with elliptically polarized lightDörnerA2
2Third and Fourth Harmonic Generation of fs Pulses for CD and PECD experimentsBaumertA3
3Pulse Length Dependence of Photoelectron Circular DichroismBaumertA3
4Compression of Supercontinuum Pulses Using Different Chirped Mirror TechnologiesBaumertA3
5Photoelectron Circular Dichroism Observed on the Nanosecond TimescaleBaumertA3
6Ultrafast Photoelectron Circular Dichroism Changes in 1-Iodo-2-MethylbutaneEhresmannA4
7Velocity Map Imaging Spectrometer for high kinetic energiesEhresmann A4
8Cold Atoms as Ultrasensitive Quantum Sensors for Chiral Molecules SingerA6
9Chiral Discrimination by Coulomb Explosion and Photoelectron DiffractionDörner/ SchöfflerB1
10Chiral signatures in pairs: Differences and similarities of borneol dimersSchnellB2
11Chiral analysis in the gas phase using rotational spectroscopySchnellB2
12Internal dynamics of chiral molecules in the light of IR- and THz-radiationGiesenB3
13Coherent Infrared Excitation Techniques for Precision SpectroscopyGiesenB3
15Circular dichroism in the photoionization and decay spectra of spatially-oriented chiral molecules DemekhinC1
16Role of coherence for photoelectron circular dichroism after multi-photon excitation in randomly oriented chiral moleculesKochC2
17M-degeneracy and enantio-selective excitation of rotational states KochC2
18Understanding Correlation Effects in Photoelectron Circular DichroismKochC2
19Grid based TDCIS for helium in chiral environmentsKochC3
20Classification of Rotational Energy Levels within the Complete Nuclear Permutation Inversion GroupBergerC4
21Toolbox for Calculations of Symmetry Violating Properties in Chiral MoleculesBergerC4
22Tunnelling splittings from Instanton optimization: Test cases for isotopomers of H2X2 [X = O, S, Se, Te, Po] and HSOHBergerC4
23Modification of bicyclic ketones for PECD experimentsPietschnigZ1
24FTMW spectroscopy of 13C-Tropolone, Proton Tunneling can be controlled ?!Tanakanon-SFB