Team Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel

The interdisciplinary team combines a wide range of competences, knowledge and experience: expertise from evaluation, knowledge transfer and the agricultural and food sector (project funding, extension and research perspective) and social science methodological competence as well as many years of workshop and lecturing experience.

The Department of Organic Farming and Cropping Systems at the University of Kassel was founded in 1981 and has played a significant role in the further development and profile building of the faculty of organic agricultural sciences.

Pro­ject lead and team as­sis­tan­ce

Foto von Miriam AthmannImage: Miriam Athmann

Prof. Dr. Miriam Athmann
Telefon: +49 5542-98 1565 (Secr.)
Email: mail[at]synsicris[dot]de


Foto von Annalena MüllerImage: Annalena Müller

Annalena Müller
Phone: +49 5542-98 1565
Email: annalena.mueller[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


Pro­ject Co­or­di­na­ti­on

Foto von Birge WolfImage: Birge Wolf

Birge Wolf
Phone: +49 5542-98 1536
Email: birge.wolf[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


Foto von Thorsten MichaelisImage: Thorsten Michaelis

Sci­en­ti­fic staff mem­ber

Foto von Andrea MoserImage: Andrea Moser

Andrea Moser
Phone: +49 5542-98 1636
Email: andrea.moser[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


Foto von Doris LangeImage: Doris Lange

Dr. Doris Lange
Phone: +49 5542-98 1602
Email: doris.lange[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


Sci­en­ti­fic staff mem­ber

Foto von Morten MöllerImage: Morten Möller

In­itia­tor / Con­sul­ta­ti­on

Foto von Jürgen HeßImage: Jürgen Heß

Prof. i.R. Dr. Jürgen Heß
Phone: +49 5542-98 1565 (Secr.)
Email: mail[at]synsicris[dot]de