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Produce explanatory videos and learn to explain!

Welcome to the VISUELL self-study course!

Would you like to learn how to create engaging explainer videos to make your teaching content even more understandable and captivating? The VISUELL self-study course will help you - whether you are technically experienced or not. Whether you are a student or an experienced teacher, in our course you will acquire the skills you need to produce high-quality explanatory videos, use them in your lessons and guide your students in their own productions.

Why explanatory videos?

Explanatory videos are a powerful method for explaining complex concepts in a simple and multimedia-based way. You can use them as a supporting tool for teaching and repeating content or you can also guide your students to produce explanatory videos independently. This active engagement with content goes far beyond simple memorization: only those who have really penetrated a topic can explain it in a clear and understandable way.

Frequently asked questions:

No! We'll show you how to achieve professional results with free tools or your own smartphone.

Absolutely! Our course includes particularly simple methods, points out typical problems and difficulties and guides you step by step so that you can produce your own explainer videos quickly and confidently.

The course consists of 4 chapters that build on each other, but can also be worked on individually. Each chapter covers a different focus and a different production method for explanatory videos. Each chapter takes around 30-60 minutes to complete. You can then produce your own explanatory video at your own pace as an exercise.

The course is freely accessible and can be used by anyone interested. All content in the course is available under Creative Commons licenses and can be used freely for any form of teaching. You can show, copy and pass on the videos and learning materials contained in the course as you wish. Only the creation of new materials based on the existing materials is subject to restrictions resulting from the applicable Creative Commons licenses.

Funding information:

This self-learning course was created as part of the project "VISUELL - Producing explanatory videos and learning to explain". VISUELL was a sub-project of the project network "PRONET-D - Professionalization in the Kassel Digitization Network", funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the funding code 01JA2012 as part of the joint"Quality Offensive Teacher Training" of the federal and state governments.

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