Research 2020-2022

I. Decent working con­di­ti­ons in in­ter­con­ti­nen­tal bana­na ship­ping

II. Pandemic and the Credit-based Stimulus Package for the MSME Sector

III. Making voluntary sustainability standards work for decent work in agrifood value chains

IV. Lessons from COVID-19

V. Development of Solar Thermal Energy Storage System

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Research 2015-2019

I. Decent Work along Agricultural Value Chains

II. Organizing the Informal Economy

III. Extractivism and Rural Welfare

IV. Rural-Urban Linkages: Transformation Processes

V. Livelihoods and Social Protection

VI. Rethinking Development Cooperation

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Research 2009-2014

I. Sustainable Value Creation for Decent Work

II. Investments for Promoting Decent Work

III. Strategies of Empowerment for Decent Work

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