14.10.2022 | Publikationen

New article by Ömer Caliskan et al. on collective teacher innovativeness published in Educational Management Administration & Leadership

Hilal Buyukgoze, INCHER Humboldt fellow Ömer Caliskan, & Sedat Gümüş have published an article on collective teacher innovativeness in which they examine the impact of distributed leadership on collective teacher innovativeness.

In their study, they aim to explore the effect of distributed leadership in fostering collective teacher innovativeness, as well as the mediating roles played by job satisfaction and professional collaboration, by using the Teaching and Learning International Survey 2018 dataset.

Buyukgoze, H., Caliskan, O., & Gümüş, S. (2022). Linking distributed leadership with collective teacher innovativeness: The mediating roles of job satisfaction and professional collaboration. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/17411432221130879.

New article by Caliskan et al in Educational Management Administration & Leadership: link to journal website