Congratulations Pedro Pineda

On Monday, 26th of June, INCHER member Pedro Pineda gave his Habilitation lecture at the University of Kassel, before a habilitation committee and academic public of the Faculty 05. He thus successfully completed his habilitation. Congratulations!

Pedro Pineda Rodriguez is senior lecturer at the University of Bath (UK) and associated member of INCHER. He completed his Master in Higher Education Research and Development at the University of Kassel/INCHER and his doctorate at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He specialises in sociology of education, comparative education, higher education and organisational studies and is currently working on curriculum reforms (peace education, online learning, student-centred learning), student evaluation of teaching, working conditions, research collaborations and diversity management.

His Habilitation lecture is entitled: "Social Hierarchies in Contemporary Organisations: Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Investigations Across Countries“

Professor B. Langfeldt, Professor G. Krücken, Pedro Pineda, Professor U. Teichler, Henrike Henning
Dr. Pedro Pineda