03.06.2024 | Incher

Congratulations on your dissertation Matthias Hügel!!

We are happy to announce that last week, on May 29th, Matthias Hügel has successfully passed his defense and is now Dr. Matthias Hügel. Congrats on your dissertation and PhD career!

PD Dr. Holger Graf, Matthias Hügel, Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner

Matthias Hügel's dissertation thesis deals with "The process of academic scientists' knowledge and technology transfer: Initiation, phase transitions and multiple goals". The reviewer of the thesis were Professor Uwe Cantner, PD Dr. Holger Graf, Professor Pablo D’Este, and the defense commission consisted of the three reviewers plus Professor Silke Übelmesser, Professor Roland Winkler, and Professor Michael Wessel.