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06.07.2022 | Incher | Forschung

Another article from INCHER`s BUKSS project on social inequality in student dropout appeared

A new article by Lars Müller and Daniel Klein completes the list of published research outomes of INCHER's BUKSS project. Lars Müller and Daniel Klein (2022): Social Inequality in Dropout from Higher Education in Germany. Towards Combining the Student Integration Model and Rational Choice Theory. In: Research in Higher Education (2022).

...our results suggest that both the SIM and RCT offer empirically valid explanations for students’ dropout from higher education in Germany.

The mechanisms of the association between socioeconomic background and higher education dropout are not well understood. Previous research in higher education has followed Tinto’s model of academic and social integration to explain dropout but has largely neglected social inequality therein. In contrast, social stratification research draws on rational choice theory to explain social inequality in educational attainment but has rarely been applied to explain dropout from higher education. In our paper, we combine these two strands of research.

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