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24.11.2023 | Publikationen

In their new article, Oliver Wieczorek et al. discuss the possibility of a "bot delusion" in science

Wieczorek, Oliver, Steinhardt, Isabel, Schneijderberg, Christian, Schmidt, Rebecca, & Mauermeister, Sylvi (2023). The Bot Delusion. Large language models and anticipated consequences for academics’ publication and citation behavior. SocArXiv Preprint

The reproduction of social inequalities through artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) has been empirically demonstrated in various areas of society. However, there is a lack of a broader discussion on the extent to which LLMs can influence the scientific area, reinforce or mitigate existing structural inequalities and introduce a "bot mania" in science. The authors focus on publication and citation behavior and develop a thought experiment on the effects of LLMs. This distinguishes between the reproduction of pre-existing structural inequalities in academia (socio-cognitive stasis), or a catharsis that can counteract structural inequalities and Matthew effects. Three scenarios for the consequences of using LLMs for citations are presented and developed in this text.

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