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P1 (C1) Eric Kutscher (Demekhin Project)
Photoelectron Circular Dichroism of Fenchone Induced by Broadband Laser Pulses

P2 (C1) Nikolay Novikovskiy (Demekhin Project)
Circular dichroism in the photoionization and decay spectra of spatially-oriented chiral molecules

P3 (A6) Stefan Aull (Singer Project)
Cold Atoms as Ultrasensitive Quantum Sensors for Chiral Molecules

P4 (B2) Wenhao Sun (Schnell Project)
Pure rotational spectra of chlorofluoro-substituted acetonitrile, ethanol and ethyl acetate

P5 (C3) Monika Leibscher (Koch Project)
Complete Controllability Despite Degeneracy: Quantum Control of Enantio-Specific State Transfer inChiral Molecules

P6 (A1/A2/B1) Kilian Fehre (Dörner/Schöffler Projects)
Impact of Photoelectron Wavelangth, Scattering Centres and Origin of the Electron Wave on PECD

P7 (B3) Jan Jakob (Giesen Project)
Infrared-Microwave Mixing for Precise Control over Ro-Vibrational States in N2O

P8 (A4) Catmarna Küstner-Wetekam & Lutz Marder (Ehresmann Project)
Absorption Spectrometer and VMI for high kinetic energies

P9 (B2) Freya Berggötz (Schnell Project)
Analysis of sec-butoxytrimethylsilane


P10 (A1/A2/B1) Kilian Fehre (Dörner/Schöffler Projects)
“Connecting MFPADs for fixed inspace chiral molecules with fourfold differential PECD”

P11 (A1/A2/B1) Raghu Tomar (Dörner/Schöffler Projects)
Energy-resolved spin detection in strong field ionization in chiral molecules

P12 (A1/A2/B1) Max Hofmann (Dörner/Schöffler Projects)
“Strong Differential Photoion Circular Dichroism in Strong-Field Ionization of Chiral Molecules”

P13 (Z1) Igor Vidanović (Pietschnig Project)
Z1 - Recent progress

P14 (A3/A5/B4) Sudheendran Vasudevan (Baumert/Senftleben Projects)
Photoelectron circular dichroism of chalcogene-substituted fenchone molecules using near UV femtosecond laser pulses

P15 (A3/A5/B4) Sagnik Das (Baumert/Senftleben Projects)
“Chirp and energy dependence of the circular dichroism in ion yield of 3-MCP measured with femtosecond laser pulses”

P16 (B6N) Tianyu Fang (Wang Junior Project)
Examine Molecular Chirality with Optical Forces

P17 (C2) Marec Heger (Reich, Koch Project)
Grid based TDCI for helium in chiral environments

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