13.12.2021 | Publikationen

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself" by Christian Schmid & Paul Eisewicht will be appear in forthcoming Guide on Organizational Ethnography

The texbook "Organizational Ethnography" that will appear in February 2022, "explores practices, first-hand experiences and emerging ideas within organizational ethnography, providing a toolkit that prepares ethnographers for the uncertainties and realities of fieldworking".

The book contains an article by INCHER member Christian J. Schmid, together with Paul Eisewicht (2022). “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! Are You Cut Out for Ethnographic Fieldwork?”, in Organizational Ethnography: An Experiential and Practical Guide, edited by J. Pandeli, N. Sutherland, and H. Gaggiotti. London, U.K: Routlege.

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