In order for your CampusCard to remain valid, it must be validated at least after each re-registration.

You complete the validation in a few seconds by inserting the card into one of the validation stations on campus.

You cannot load money onto the card here. The locations for the revalidation stations can be found on the page under "How can I load my card with credit?"

Validierstationen im Campus Center aus der FerneImage: Constanze Lewandowsky
Validierstationen im Campus Center aus der NäheImage: Constanze Lewandowsky

Where can I find the validation stations?


  • At the Holländischer Platz campus: In the Campus Center (passageway area on the first floor) and in the IT Service Center (at the IT Helpdesk on the second floor).
  • At the Wilhelmshöher Allee campus: In the stairwell to the left of entrance B (Mensa)
  • At the Heinrich-Plett-Straße location: To the right of the passage to the cafeteria
  • At the Menzelstraße location: In the north building in the anteroom to the cafeteria
  • At the Witzenhausen location: In the anteroom of the library in Nordbahnhofstraße and on the first floor of the former monastery in Steinstraße (next to the staircase)


What happens during validation?


  • The Mensa status is set electronically and as an imprint so that you receive the prices for students or employees when paying by cash or card.
  • The student ID card is imprinted for the semesters for which you are currently enrolled.
  • The semester ticket will be printed if the ticket fee has been paid for the corresponding semester.
  • The display of the device will show you the result.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by e-mail at campuscard[at]uni-kassel[dot]de or by phone at +49 561 804 5678.