Scientific equipment

The Mechanical Behavior of Materials group operates a wide range of instruments, which allow us to characterize materials microstructurally and mechanically across several orders of length scales. We can perform the mechanical characterization under a wide range of non-standard loading conditions to better account for operational environments (including cyclic loading, high temperature and elevated strain rates).

Mechanical testing

  • Nanoindenter iMicro (KLA)
  • Nanoindenter HSR (Alemnis)
  • Micro tensile/pressure module (Kammrath & Weiss)
  • Universal testing machine Criterion (MTS)
  • Resonance testing machine Mikrotron with Fractomat (Rumul)
  • Servo-hydraulic testing machine Bionix (MTS)
  • In-situ furnace IR-TP (Yonekura)
  • In-situ induction heater GE (EFD Induction)


  • 3D data analysis Avizo (Thermo Fischer Scientific)
  • EBSD Stress Analysis Crosscourt (BLG Vantage)
  • Digital Image Correlation VEDDAC 7 (Chemnitzer Werkstoffmechanik)