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University of Kassel
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Materials Engineering
Metallic Materials
Moenchebergstr. 3
34125 Kassel / Germany

Phone: +49 561 804-3661
Email: h.hammann[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

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There are very few parking lots around the Holländischer Platz campus in the surrounding streets (Henschelstraße, Moenchebergstraße). All parking spaces are fee-based.


The main-line station is Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. You can also reach Kassel-Hauptbahnhof via regional transport. Train connections are available at


In Kassel, around 400 rental bikes are available at 56 stations. The location Holländischer Platz is connected to the system. More info at: nextbike - campusbike.



  • "Holländischer Platz - Universität"
    Tram lines 1 and 5 as well as Regio-Tram RT1 and RT4
  • "Katzensprung"
    Tram lines 3,6 and 7
  • Alternative: Tram line 4 to station "Am Stern", and, there, change to tram line 1 or 5 to station "Holländischer Platz - Universität" being accesible on foot as well.

Kassel Wilhelmshöhe  train station -> Holländischer Platz campus:
From Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (train station), take tram line 1 in the direction of Holländische Straße/Vellmar to the stop "Holländischer Platz - Universität" , tram line 3 in the direction of Ihringshäuser Straße to the stop "Katzensprung", or tram line 7 in the direction of Wolfsanger to the stop "Katzensprung".

The nearest airports are: Kassel-CaldenFrankfurtHannover und Paderborn. From Kassel-Calden you can take a cab or the bus line 130 to Kassel city center. You can find the exact timetable on the website of the Kasseler Verkehrsgesellschaft. From Frankfurt, Hanover and Paderborn there are train connections to Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe.

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