Dynamics Lab

The laboratory of the department has extensive equipment for the investigation of problems in engineering dynamics. A special focus is on

  • structural vibrations
  • machine dynamics and rotor dynamics
  • systems with multi-physical interactions
  • electro-mechanical systems


  • various swing foundations and clamping plates (1x2m ... 3x4m)
  • load crane (10 to)
  • electrodynamic shakers (10, 100, 1000 N ampl./sine)
  • PSV-400 laser vibrometer
  • modal analysis system
  • extensive vibration measurement equipment
  • (laser triangulation sensors, piezo accelerometers, etc.)
  • strain gauge and force measurement

Within the laboratory network of the IfM there is a close cooperation with 

  • laboratory of the Department of Fluid Mechanics
  • laboratory of the Department of Continuum Mechanics
  • technical center

The aforementioned laboratories are directly adjacent, so that access to further measurement technology (high-speed camera, high-speed rupture test stands, flow measurement technology, etc.) is possible. This also allows investigations of interdisciplinary, multiphysical problems.

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