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Stationary solutions and quasi-periodicity

  • Implementation of Hill's method for stability calculation of periodic solutions
  • Investigation of quasi-periodic oscillations due to simultaneous self- and external excitation by numerical calculation of invariant manifolds
  • Investigation of local adaptive meshing procedures in the finite difference method applied to quasi-periodic oscillations
  •  Development and implementation of a shooting method based on the method of characteristics for the approximation of quasi-periodic oscillations
  •  Efficient path continutation algorithms for the fast calculation of stability maps
  •  Comparison of calculation methods for periodic limit cycles in non-linear oscillation systems with friction


  • Derivation of an approximation approach for eccentrically running electrical machines based on complex space vectors
  • Topological optimization of electrical machines with current point control
  • An efficient method for calculating the inductance matrix of rotating electric machines with eccentrically running rotor 
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of the vibration behaviour of systems with eddy current dampers
  •  Experimental validation of the inductive damping behaviour of an electromagnetic shaker
  •  Vibration investigation on a continuous stator model for three-phase asynchronous machines
  • Modelling and simulation of an electrified drive train with focus on gear excitation by means of elastic multi-body simulation
  • Rotordynamic phenomena in three-phase asynchronous machines
  • Modelling and calculation of an eddy current damper
  • State of the art of rotor dynamics of two-pole synchronous machines and coupled lateral and torsional vibrations
  • Dynamic investigation of electromechanical energy dissipation during translational motion
  • Modeling of bearing friction for increasing measurement accuracy using the example of an electric machine test bench
  • Modeling and Analysis of a Minimal Model for Eddy Current Damping in Permanently Excited Systems
  • Investigations on the reduction of structural vibrations by means of an electro-magnetically damped absorber
  • Experimental investigations on a test rig to determine inductive damping parameters 

Rotor dynamics and seals

  • Non-linear dynamics of rotors under the influence of self-excitation and external excitation
  • Brush seals and their influence on rotor dynamics
  • Comparison of laminar and turbulent lubrication models for application in rotor dynamics
  • Design of a test rig for the investigation of fluid-structure interaction in rotor systems
  • Dynamics of rotors with journal bearings under the influence of fluidic seals
  • Simulation of the Hirs equation for the simulation of turbulent gap flows in rotor dynamics
  • Coupling between lubrication flows and rotordynamic systems using fluid-structure interaction


  • Conception of a test rig for the investigation of contact friction in technical systems using the example of the brake lining of a disc brake
  •  Introduction of non-linear contact friction forces into linear finite element models using the example of a 2D cuboid with friction contact
  • Experimental investigation of friction coefficients for defined pad-disc pairings of automotive brakes

Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Methods

  •     Machine Learning in Dynamics: Automated Generation of Minimal Models with SINDy and Autoencoders

Further topics

  • Influence of vibrations on the manufacturing process using the example of a grinding machine
  • Vibrations of liquid-filled tanks: experimental investigation & validation of analytical and numerical calculations
  • Dynamic behavior of high voltage cables
  • Concept investigation on a Formula Student vehicle based on a quasi-static lap time simulation for different vehicle dynamics models
  • Development of a steering knuckle concept to accommodate different wheel heads and brakes
  • Characterisation of the static and dynamic properties of rubber seals for doors and flaps in commercial vehicles
  • Experimental modal analysis and identification of non-linear system characteristics on a direct shift gearbox
  • Analysis of radial steering systems in locomotive bogies
  • Development of a functional test programme for the rotor blade bearing of the reference turbine IWT 7.5-164 and creation of an algorithm for generating an accelerated endurance test programme
  • Fundamentals of orbital mechanics and their application to orbital transfers and rendezvous maneuvers in Low-Earth Orbtis (LEO)