01.07.2023 | Personalia

Dr. rer. nat. Bastian Zielinski joins the department

Welcome to the group, Bastian!

Bild: R. Ciobotea

Dr. Bastian Zielinski studied Physics at the University of Kassel, where he also received his PhD in Physics in 2023 in the department "Femtosecondspectroscopy and Ultrafast Laser Control" of Professor Thomas Baumert. He applied material processing with ultrashort shaped laser pulses to investigate Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures on fused silica, optimize surgery on living human cells and detect cancer in pathological samples via breakdown spectroscopy and machine learning.
We welcome him as a postdoctoral researcher in our newly formed department “Extreme Light for Nanostructures”, where he will contribute with his experimental knowledge and extend his work with shaped ultrashort laserpulses into the field of materials engineering.

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