How do the building blocks of matter move after irradiation with very short and intense laser pulses and can this movement be controlled and made use of?

To do this, we illuminate the matter with extremely short laser pulses in the quadrillionth part of a second and watch the ultrafast dynamics with stroboscopic methods in slow motion (femtosecond spectroscopy). Using optical synthesizers, we shape the laser light in time and can thus control the ultrafast dynamics (ultra-fast laser control) by customizing the energy transfer.

The span of our investigation ranges from free electrons, atoms and molecules in the gas phase to dye molecules and colloidal quantum dots in solution, as well as excitation and removal (ablation) mechanisms in solids and organic tissue. 

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Secretary - Experimental Physics III

Petra Kasper
Faculty 10 - Institute of Physics
Heinrich-Plett-Stra├če 40
34132 Kassel
Room 1129
Telephone: +49 561 804 4660
E-mail-address: kasper@physik.uni-kassel.de

Our group therefore offers a wide range of possibilities to help shape our exciting research in the framework of a Bachelor or Master Theses teamed with our PhD students (see also our list of finished theses). Future doctoral students are welcome to introduce their own projects.

Visit us and you will get more information without any obligation. We take our time for you and advise you personally.

As of now, we are offering Bachelor and Master Thesis in the following areas:

* Chirality
* Materialprocessing
* Ultrafast electron diffraction

Furthermore we offer open PhD positions in a friendly team of young scientists with state-of-the-art labs.