Auslandsstudium Kolumbien

Information for students of University of Kassel who are interested in studying abroad at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia -- Department of Mechanics And Mechatronic Engineering

  • There is a cooperation agreement between FB15 and UNAL in place; the coordinator of Kassel University is Prof. Kroll (Department of Measurement and Control).
  • Semester times in Bogota are different from Kassel: semester I from January to June and semester II from August to December. Exams take place in the last two weeks of each semester.
  • The courses are mainly in Spanish.
  • A semester fee of approx. 100 to 200 euros may apply.
  • Possible academic activities in Bogotá:
    • Lectures and labs
    • Thesis (Bachelor/Master)
    • Internship (BPS)
  • Please confirm the accreditation of planned academic achievements with the respective professors at Kassel University in advance of your stay abroad.
  • UNAL is one of the top and highly reputed universities in Colombia. It has different campuses. The Mechanical Engineering faculty of Kassel University is in contact with the main campus in the capital Bogotá. The number of students is approx. 45.000. Bogotá is a metropole with approx. 7 Mio. inhabitants. It has a rich cultural offering and a vibrant night life.
  • Promotion video of the  Department of mechanics and mechatronic engineering at YouTube: