Lockers are available free of charge at all sites of Kassel University Library.
At Campus Library, the lockers are operated by using the CampusCard, which has to be activated beforehand at the touchpoint in the lobby.
The lockers at the external sites can be locked after inserting a 2 € deposit coin. After reopening the door the coin will be released.
At Wilhelmshöher Allee te lockers are equipped with combination locks. A user manual is on site, a deposit coin is not required.

The lockers are not to be used overnight (except Permanent lockers in the Campus Library)

The library provides baskets on its premises for the transport of books and personal belongings. These are available in the lobbies at the library sites.
The library assumes no liability for the lockers and their contents. A fee will be charged for the replacement of a lost locker key in accordance with the administrative costs regulations (see price list). If the lock has to be replaced, the costs incurred have to be fully reimbursed.