Information for International Students

The Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences provides additional programmes and support to its international students to ease their integration into the study location Witzenhausen and the German research context, taking into account their heteroginous backgrounds.  We are aiming to provide as much insights as possible into vocational, political and cultural life in Germany and to strengthen the competence of intercultural communication for all involved in a sustainable manner.

General information for international students at the FB11

Additonal offers

  • Introductory program for students of the Master programs SIA, IFBC, Susfoods and exchange students
  • Erasmus+-Program: cooperations with European Universities
  • German class levels: intensive course, A1.2 and B1 - postponed to May/June
  • Seminar presentation skills
  • 1-week block course: scientific working and presentation
  • Additional support to gain practical insights in research groups and during internships (Work Study Program)
  • Support of study project or thesis work
  • Dinner Hopping
  • Extra-curicular activities and key competencies