Solarcup Hesse

The SolarCup Hesse is an event for children and young adults to experience the use of technology based on solar energy. The main focus of the event is energy efficiency and sustainability. The event also stages a competition of self-built, solar-powered boats and model vehicles. The person, who is able to use the solar energy in a sufficient way, wins the competition. Teamwork is one of the most vital aspects of this competition. Once a year, the SolarCup Hesse takes place on Königsplatz in Kassel.

The main aim of the event is to generate and promote interest in technically oriented education.

The event offers four disciplines to reach different ages. Thus, provide them an extensive opportunity to participate in the Solar Cup Hesse.

Solar Boat

A team of pupils build a solar powered boat, which is equipped with identical drive components. The participants design the hull themselves. The winning team is chosen based on the best driving results and the amount of total points achieved.

Ultralight Solar Mobiles

In teams students develop and build solar powered ultralight solar mobiles, the teams consist of 2 to 10 adolescents. The teams can freely choose their design and components (solar cells, engine, transmission, changeover mechanism, chassis). On a Track consisting channels and guidelines, tunnels and turnarounds the runs take place.

Remote-Controlled Solar Mobiles

Trainees and vocational students design and build remote-controlled solar mobiles in a team. The remote-controlled models are built according to individual ideas. The models compete at the Hessen SolarCup on against each other. An ever-evolving regulations in this discipline for ever new challenges of the participating teams. The remote-controlled solar mobile are relatively expensive in development and construction and are located where trainees (electrical and related professions, mechatronics, industrial mechanics, etc.) are trained in companies.


As a class or seminar project, teams are formed within an AG. The SolaRobots are line followers. The design of the SolaRobots are chosen by the teams.On a white plate with black lines, three SolaRobots compete against each other.

Solar Cup at the faculty department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science