Supervision of professional practice, BPS

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I am happy to supervise your professional practice as far as it falls thematically into my field of work or very related topics . It is best to contact me as soon as you have found a topic, but especially before you have started working on it.

The internship report

The report should be structured, formulated, formatted and error corrected according to university standards. Usual are e.g. 12pt font, sensibly large margins, page numbering, justification, numbered sections, table of contents, bibliography etc., if you write with LaTeX, almost any normal template will work. 


Images, tables, code fragments, etc. are numbered and captioned and referenced in the text, ideally described or explained in more detail. Literature used is cited in the appropriate places (with/as a reference) and listed in the bibliography. Each literature entry has at least the information necessary for completeness.

Structure of the report

This is not necessarily so firmly written in a BPS report. However, it is advisable that you

  • the one hand, briefly the organizational process (and the integration into the company/the overall project) and on the other hand
  • ,
  • comprehensively the task, approach and technical results


 For the latter, a well-structured presentation is required, in principle in such a way that a potential successor could use the text as an introduction to your work.

Page number

Often the question comes about page numbers: It depends on your writing style and the amount of detail you want to describe. Therefore, I cannot say much about it. The text should be comprehensive, but on the other hand it is "only" a BPS report (not a thesis), so the effort must be limited. Since one thinks of about 45 to 80 pages (plus appendices) for a thesis (computer science: 12CP), maybe 15-20 pages would be appropriate for the BPS (computer science: 12CP)? But as I said, this depends on the content   - if you have doubts, please consult me.