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The department Power Electronics deals with device-oriented energy system technology for the use of renewable energies with a special focus on power converter technology in hybrid systems, in the distribution grid and in decentralized energy conversion as well as mobile energy supply systems.

The Competence Center for Distributed Electric Power Supply Technology is divided into the following 4 pillars, each coordinated by a research group leader:

  • Power converter systems for direct current generators and storage (energy converters for converting direct current into alternating current and vice versa - e.g. for use in photovoltaic systems or for electrochemical storage as well as for fuel cells - and for connecting direct voltage systems with different voltages in the stationary area and the area of vehicles).
  • Power converter systems for variable-speed AC sources (energy converters for coupling frequency-variable AC sources or AC sources that deviate significantly from the grid frequency to a frequency-rigid grid, such as in innovative combined heat and power plants and variable-speed hydropower and wind generators)
  • Wind power technology (drive train concepts and control concepts for grid connection of generators with variable speed, wind power plants up to 1MW as overall system concepts)
  • Highly efficient power electronic converters for industrial applications (processing of electrical energy in industrial processes)