Numerous software components have been developed in recent years for research and development on power electronic components. In addition to smaller tools for everyday laboratory use, some larger software packages have been developed, which are now also used in industry. On the following pages you will find information about a selection of software tools developed by us.

Individual software development

Individual software development for controlling measurement hardware (oscilloscopes, data loggers, etc.), temperature controllers, signal generators and much more


A software for automated measurement of semiconductor losses (forward and switching losses).

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As part of a dissertation, the "TopBench" tool was developed for the simplified comparison of different switching topologies (e.g. B6, NPC, BSNPC, 5-level and other topologies). The software takes switching loss information from the "ComCell" software and uses numerical methods to calculate the total power losses and efficiency curves of entire converter topologies and presents the results clearly.

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Regulatory Development

For the operation of individual laboratory samples and demonstrators, we develop stand-alone controls for single-phase and three-phase inverters.

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