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Ongoing projects


FKZ 03EI6103B, 2023 - 2026

Overall project: Less Load Low Stress (L3S) - lifetime verification of novel multi-level power converters with focus on battery converters based on cascaded H-bridges.

Subproject: Life cycle and system investigations

Editing: Max Rothenburger, Tobias Scholl

Funding amount / funding rate:
249.505,48 € / 100%

Project information


FKZ 01MV23022F, 2023 - 2026

Overall project: Battery electric drive systems for commercial vehicles with on-board voltages above 1 kV (Beyond1kV)

Subproject: Power electronics-related circuit technology

Editing: Saeidi, Mahmoud | Schacht, Michael

Funding amount / funding rate:
360.214,95 € / 100%


FKZ 03B10110C, 2021 - 2024

Overall project: H2 integration in electric drive systems (H2EASY)

Subproject: Development of multiphase DC/DC converters with novel magnetic components to minimize feedback effects on battery and fuel cell.

Editing: Saeidi, Mahmoud | Costa, Kevin | Yu, Xiao | Küster, Pierre

Funding amount / funding rate:
740.095,12 € / 100%

Project information: EVS News

Completed projects

FKZ 16ME0143, 2020 - 2023

Overall project: Modular power electronics for battery management at the level of individual cells (MCIB).

Subproject: Research and characterization of modular power electronics for battery storage systems.

Editing: Yu, Xiao

Funding amount / funding rate: 701.990,52€ / 120%.

Further project information

Overall project: Innovations for the next generation of PV power plants: New components, system solutions and inverters for a cost-effective and grid-serving power supply.

Subproject: Modular power converters for large-scale PV power plants for simple system architecture and high flexibility

Editing: Münch, Manuel; Saeidi, Mahmoud; Mitze, Raoul

Funding amount / funding rate: 653.735,00 € / 100%

Public final report | Accompanying website of the BMWi | TIB | Press article

Joint project: NR2-RPC - Novel robust actuators for reactive power management in distribution networks

Subproject: Development of novel robust actuators

Editing: Fenske, Florian; Faßhauer, Marc

Funding amount / Funding rate: 428.106,00 € / 100%

Public final report | TIB

Overall project: Highly efficient, durable and compact GaN-based power electronics for the electromobility of the future.

Subproject: Development of innovative GaN-based on-board power converters

Editing: Facanha de Oliveira, Eduardo; Pfeiffer, Jonas; Sprunck, Sebastian

Funding amount / funding rate: 791,368.80 € / 120%.

Public final report | Project website | TIB

Overall project: High-frequency high-current components for medical technology and photovoltaic inverters.

Subproject: Characterization, investigation of the high-frequency radiation resistance, construction of a 100kW high-frequency converter

Editing: Kleeb, Thiemo; Fenske, Florian; Kazanba, Mehmet; Nöding, Christian; Felgemacher, Christian

Funding amount / Funding rate: 370.740,00 € / 120%

Public final report | Project website BMBF | TIB

Overall project: Optimized packaging and interconnection technology for photovoltaic inverters

Subproject: Compact and highly integrated magnetic components for operation at higher frequencies and integration concepts for fast power semiconductors

Editing: Hinze, Juliane; Kleeb, Thiemo; Felgemacher, Christian

Funding amount / funding rate: 521,904.00 € / 120%.

Public final report | TIB

Overall project: Energy Efficient Converters using GaN Power Devices

Subproject:Demonstrators of photovoltaic inverters using GaN semiconductor technology

Editing: Araujo, Samuel; Felgemacher, Christian; Hinze, Juliane; Kazanbas, Mehmet; Kleeb, Thiemo; Nöding, Christian

Funding amount / funding rate: 411.493,50 € / 100%

Public final report |EU project website | TIB

Overall project: System optimization of large-scale PV power plants for the global sunbelt.

Subproject:Basic investigations on climatic requirement profiles as well as on power electronics and lifetime aspects

Editing: Nöding, Christian; Felgemacher, Christian; Araujo, Samuel

Funding amount / funding rate: 499,950.00 € / 120%.

Public final report | Press release on the conclusion | TIB

Overall project: Electromobility Concept with Semi-Autonomous Vehicles (E2V)

Subproject: Human-Machine-Interaction : Final Report

Editing: Hofmann, Wolfram; Araujo, Samuel

Funding amount / Funding rate: 270.698,00 € / 100%

Public final report | TIB

Overall project: Active, intelligent low-voltage grid

Subproject:Development of new technologies to increase the absorption capacity of renewable energies in low-voltage grids: Development of an intelligent grid station

Editing: Kruschel, Wolfram; Araujo, Samuel

Funding amount / funding rate: 504.111,00 € / 100%

Public final report | TIB

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