IEEE IFEC Challenge

Students of the University of Kassel participated in the IEEE Future Energy Challenge in the past. In 2011 and 2013, a group of students from department Power Electronics had successfully participated and received awards in each case. In 2011 the "IES Best Innovative Design of Power Electronic Converters Award" and in 2013 the "Best Innovative Design Award".

IEEE IFEC 2024 - Switch-mode Audio Power Amplifier

Three students from the University of Kassel and pupils from the Max-Eyth-Schule are currently working on a concept for a multifunctional hi-fi Class-D audio amplifier. The aim is to create a 2.1 audio system with outstanding sound characteristics that also provides numerous special functions.

The rough target specifications are as follows:

  • 48V power supply
  • Stereo + subwoofer (2.1 system)
  • Output power: 135W per channel
  • Playback of 24-bit wave files and MP3 files from SD card
  • Differential audio input
  • Evaluation criteria are audio quality, interference characteristics, frequency response
  • Efficiency and power density are also criteria

There is a main prize of US$ 10,000 and three further prizes of US$ 5,000, US$ 3,000 and US$ 1,000 respectively. The competition covers design aspects, laboratory tests and innovative ideas.

IEEE IFEC 2022 - Multifunctional 1kW PV Inverter

A team consisting of 8 students from the University of Kassel and 6 learners from the Max Eyth School worked between November 2021 and March 2022 on a suitable concept to achieve the set requirements of the IFEC inverter. The intended goal was a very light, small PV inverter for 1- and 3-phase connection to the utility grid. Both 50Hz and 60Hz and different grid voltages were to be supported. In addition to grid support through capacitive and inductive reactive power, the active power was also to be controlled as a function of frequency. In addition to a THD of less than 2%, an efficiency of at least 95% was also to be achieved. These high requirements had to be implemented with an innovative design by July 2022.

IEEE IFEC 2018 - Bidirectional DC/DC converter

In 2018, the international competition was to develop a bidirectional DC/DC converter for an electric vehicle. Primary side with 400V was the battery side with 35-40V and should also be galvanically isolated. With the concept as a dual-active bridge, a demonstrator was finally built.

IEEE IFEC 2013 - Single-phase PV inverter

In 2013, a single-phase PV inverter with additional functions was built and the team was able to win the "Best Innovative Design Award":

IEEE IFEC 2011 - Battery charger for electric vehicles

At IFEC 2011, there were two tenders: the development of a motor driver powered by a single PV module for emergency water treatment, or the development of a low-cost battery charger for electric vehicles and renewable energies. For the latter topic, the University of Kassel applied and was able to successfully develop a battery charger and defend it against international competition. The team was able to win the "IES Best Innovative Design of Power Electronic Converters Award" and the Hessenschau reported on the success: