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Research for predictive diagnostics of electric machines in vehicle powertrains.

The aim of the cooperative project "Research for predictive diagnosis of electrical machines in vehicle drives" is to research a scientific methodological basis for the early detection of electrical machine fault modes in the overall vehicle system.

Together with Volkswagen AG and TU Ilmenau, we are working on the development of suitable models for the fault modes and fault propagation in the overall system as well as algorithms for fault detection. A prototype implementation with subsequent validation on the test bench and in the vehicle is also planned.

In addition to basic investigations, test bench investigations and on-board diagnostics of possible fault modes are planned, as well as investigations of acoustic and thermal effects of individual faults with the inclusion of real-time signal processing.Through a validation both on the test bench and on the vehicle, the feasibility and restrictions of the diagnostic capability are to be exemplarily demonstrated. In addition, a transfer will be tested with regard to usability for different user groups.

Sponsored by:

Federal Ministry
for Economics
and Technology

Based on a resolution
of the German Bundestag