BMWi joint project VerfaS

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Process optimization to increase the energy efficiency of electric drives

The limited range of electric vehicles and the considerable manufacturing costs of batteries demand efficient management of the stored energy in the vehicle.
As part of the joint project VerfaS, process optimization to increase the energy efficiency of electric drives, methodologies are being developed that contribute to increasing the efficiency of the electric drive train. Here, both the electric machine and its inverter-supported control are the focus of optimization. In this context, a holistic approach is required, which focuses in particular on the interaction of the components mentioned and their efficiency increase. Highly sensitive measurement methods must be developed to map the individual losses,  which reflect the cause of the loss and its exact effect. Based on these methods, losses can be detected, reduced and thus the efficiency increased.

The project is coordinated by Volkswagen AG, Kassel plant, and scientifically implemented by a total of three university departments.
The consortium consists of the following partners:
-     Volkswagen AG, Kassel plant, industrial partners
-     Department of Vehicle Systems and Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, University of Kassel
-     Department of Electrical Machines and Drives, University of Kassel
-     Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drive Technology, University of Paderborn

The knowledge gained here will be incorporated into the design of future electrical machines.

Sponsored by:

Federal Ministry
for Economics
and Technology

Based on a resolution
of the German Bundestag