Affiliated Researchers

Michael Heidt

Michael Heidt is an affiliated researcher at GeDIS. He graduated in computer-science from Philipps University of Marburg with a thesis on self-organising cloud systems. Michael's current research focus is interactive systems: He has built interactice artefacts for deployment in cultural environments such as museums, at public events, in gallery spaces, and other sites of cultural communication. Michael is especially interested in how to embed practices of computing and code-making into interdisciplinary networks of cooperation within the field of culture.

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Myriam Hernández Domínguez

Myriam Hernández Domínguez is a visiting research fellow at GeDIS (January - April 2020) and a PhD candidate and researcher at the University of La Laguna. Her research interests are feminist philosophy, critical posthumanism, ecofeminism and technology and science studies.

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Joshua Mosby

Joshua Mosby is a visiting fellow from the Parlamentarisches Patenschafts Program, studying at the University of Kassel and working as an intern with the GeDIS research Lab (February - April 2020). He is interested in critiquing the application of contemporary topics of computer science such as Machine Learning and Biometric Data through an STS lens, focusing on their potential impacts on marginalized populations.

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Fabian Pittroff

Fabian Pittroff works at the department of Sociological Theory at the University of Kassel. His research topics include the future of privacy, subjectivation in the 21st century, and the mapping of controversies.

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Dr. Pat Treusch

Dr. phil. Pat Treusch, an affiliated researcher at GeDIS, holds a binational doctoral degree (Cotutelle) in Sociology (TU Berlin) and Gender Studies (Linköping University). In her* dissertation „Robotic Companionship“, she* investigates the making of a specific robot companion, namely the robot Armar, developed in a kitchen robotic laboratory.

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