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09/12/2018 | Gender/diversity in informatics systems

Technopolitics from Below - Founding Conference of the Center for Emancipatory Technology (CET)

As part of the organizing committee, Phillip Lücking has attended the first conference of the Center for Emancipatory Technology in Munich on 7-8 September 2018.

At the core of the event was the question regarding the emancipatory design of modern technology or what is predominantly called "digitalization" in Germany. Protagonists from science, politics, unions and the civil society provided their diverse input to the discussion. The aim was to open up new perspectives, opportunities and discussions in the realm of technopolitcs and technology design.

The organizers hope that the conference triggered a constructive, critical debate around these topics that go beyond the contemporary discourse and opened up alternatives regarding more satisfying wage labor, participatory democracy, self-determined life and ecological sustainability.

The overall aim of the Center of Emancipatory Technology (CET) is to intervene in the public discourse around technological development. One of the goals of CET is to challenge the narrow perspective on competitiveness and promote an awareness of and towards social alternatives. Another goal is to further the intellectual exchange and enable cooperation as well as mutual support between the members of the network.