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11/17/2021 | Control and System Theory

Research Training Group "Multiscale Clocks"

Starting from spring of 2022, the DFG will fund the research training group "Multiscale Clocks" at University of Kassel. Wihtin this program, scientists of different disciplines will investigate by which mechanisms biological systems can control differently fast periodic processes and behaviors, such as circadian rhythms. The research of the "Control and System Theory" group in this program will address to mathematically model the underlying physiological processes by means of networks of synchronizing oscillators, and to analyze these models by use of control theory. In cooperation with the other scientists of the program, the research findings of this project will contribute to foster the understanding of biological clocks. The vacant positions of the research training group will be announced in the beginning of 2022. Graduate students being interested in pursuing a PhD at the interface of Biology, Mathematics, and Control Theory are encouraged to contact the group timely through "rst[at]uni-kassel[dot]de".