Control and System Theory

The group investigates methods and principles to attain desired autonomous (also artificially intelligent) behavior for dynamically changing systems. In research, the focus is on mechanisms of synthesizing and analyzing controllers for technical and non-technical processes, which comprise networked/distributed structures, uncertain components, or heterogenous dynamics. In teaching, the group offers academic education in mathematical modeling, system theory, design and analysis of various types of controllers, and numeric optimization.

The Control and System Theory group is member of the Institute for System Analytics and Control (ISAC).


Current Publication

N. Hanke and O. Stursberg: "On the Design of Limit Cycles of Planar Switching Affine Systems", Proc. of the 2023 European Control Conference, pp. 2251-2256, 2023

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In different projects, the group currently investigates methods of consensus and cooperative control for distributed systems, stochastic control for uncertain systems, optimal and predictive control, networked control, learning-based control, as well as techniques for oscillating systems.

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