Please use the template to prepare your documentation in LaTeX. Use this list to prepare the final version of your documentation:


  • Are all assumed texts and pictures indicated with references?
  • Are all directly copied (this practice is strongly discouraged!) texts and pictures indicated as citations?! (if that is more than a few lines or -say- two short paragraphs, then write those passages again in your own words and reference the original work)
  • Are all figures and tables referenced (and explained) in the text?
  • Are all references (bibtex-file) complete?
  • More than two Wikipedia references? Replace them by original paper/book references!
  • Did someone proof-read the text for grammar and typos? (we assume Abitur-quality for native speakers and less than 5 errors per page for non-native languages; also, there are spell-checkers, so typos shouldn't appear at all!)

          We ask to prepare a CD/DVD with your written thesis (not inside it!). Please include the following:


          • Pdf of your text in final version
          • Slide set (native format) of your presentation (plus an additional pdf version, if possible)
          • Subdirectory with the latex sources (all of them, including sources of figures (both, .eps and your native drawing program's format), and they must be tex'able on one of our machines, preferably using the makefile included in the template archive. You may edit it to fit your needs.)
          • Subdirectory with all available cited literature (papers, scans of bookchapters, pdf'ed webpages, whatever...)
          • Subdirectory with all VHDL or Java source codes you made or used (this should be in a form that it can be (re-)used directly).
          • Subdirectory with a collection of all your test cases or input files
          • Additional subdirectories for other relevant things, like papers you found but did not use/cite
          • Important: do not use Umlauts in your filenames and prepare the CD/DVD in a platform-independent format!
          • Try to avoid blanks or other special characters in filenames, use underscores or minus instead.

          The usual hand-in besides the CD is a printed (two-sides) and hardback version (no 'Ringelbindung' please) of your written thesis at latest at the date of your presentation. The CD might be handed in some days later, if necessary. There might apply different (harder) rules according to your examination regulations (see there).