Myriam Hernández Domínguez

Myriam Hernández Domínguez is a PhD Candidate and researcher at the University of La Laguna, Spain. She holds a BA and MA (cum laude) in Philosophy. Her research interests are feminist philosophy, critical posthumanism, ecofeminism and technology and science studies. She is a member of the Research Project “Justice, Citizenship and Vulnerability: Precarious Narratives and Intersectional Approaches” and of the Research Group “Rethinking Philosophy”. During her recent research stay at the University of Graz, Austria, she analysed possible intersections between posthumanism and vulnerability studies. Her publications engage ecofeminism, posthumanism and spinozist and deleuzian philosophy. Her research is funded by the Spanish Government (FPU Fellowship)

Myriam was a visiting research fellow at GeDIS, University of Kassel, in Germany (January-April 2020).

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