Research group Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems (GeDIS) was established in 2017 and is dedicated to analyzing intersections between technological systems and societal structures. Starting from the premise that technology and society mutually constitute and influence each other, this research group focuses on social aspects of computing as well as technological and informational aspects of gender and intersecting social categories. Key questions include:

  • In what ways the design, production and application of technological systems in general, and informatics systems in particular, is influenced by gender, race, class, ethnicity and other relevant social markers?
  • How is the understanding and experiences of those social markers in turn affected by information technologies?
  • What kind of productive feedback loops can be established between these two fields, methodologically and theoretically?

Schaubild Forschungsverständnis GeDIS

The schematic visualises the written text on this page. It shows GeDIS research area at the intersection of Gender/Diversity, Computing and a sociotechnical approach. The focus is on Methodology and Case Studies as well as Social Responsibility, Acceptance and Ability, Innovation.

Interdisciplinary approach and strong methodological focus

Being positioned in the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, GeDIS research group has a unique possibility to contribute to the developments in technology research & design as well as in gender studies by presenting innovative interdisciplinary research that is strongly rooted in both fields. In this respect science and technology studies, participatory, use-centered and value-sensitive design, critical computing, intersectional feminist theory, new materialist feminist approaches, cyberfeminist and arts-based experimentation play important roles in the groups' research projects. The strong methodological focus is complemented by analysis of the aesthetic, social, cultural and political ramifications of new information technologies.

Promoting dialogue on socio-technical makeup of society

GeDIS is part of the Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG), which focuses on a socio-technical perspective on the design of information technology, including approaches of system usability, user trust and confidence in technology, psychological and sociological aspects and adherence to the law. GeDIS organizes research and teaching activities, and it runs a research lab and public research blog. In this way it seeks to engage academic as well as broader community to promote interdisciplinary dialogue on the socio-technical makeup of contemporary information society.