M.F.A. Britton


Pfannkuchstr. 1
34121 Kassel
ITeG, Raum 0210

Über Loren Britton  (M.F.A. Britton)

Loren Britton is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher tuning with practices of Critical Pedagogy, Trans*FeministTechnoScience and Disability Justice. Playing with the queer potential of undoing norms they practice accountability to matters of anti-racism, collaboration, Black Feminisms, instability, Trans*Feminisms and transformation. With Isabel Paehr as MELT, they queer knowledges from computation and chemistry to shift metaphors of melting in times of climate change. Britton is currently an artistic researcher on the interdisciplinary project Re: Coding Algorithmic Culture within the Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems Research Group at the University of Kassel, DE. lorenbritton.com + meltionary.com