M.Sc. Lücking


Pfannkuchstr. 1
34121 Kassel
ITeG, Raum 0210

Über Phillip Lücking  (M.Sc. Lücking)

Phillip Lücking is a research associate and PhD candidate at the University of Kassel. He graduated from Bielefeld University in Intelligent Systems (MSc), a computer science programme with an emphasis on interactive intelligent systems and robotics. His graduation was followed by a research associate position at CITEC (Cognitive Interaction Technology - Cluster of Excellence). His research interest encompasses relevant contemporary topics of computer science such as machine learning and robotics in relation to their societal impacts, as well as special interest in how modern digital technology can be utilized for social good.

As part of an interdisciplinary team he is working in the SoMa project examining bias introduction or reproduction by social machines.