09.03.2021 | Gender/Diversity in Informatiksystemen

New Publication "Gendered Configurations of Humans and Machines" with Chapter by Loren Britton, Goda Klumbyte, Claude Draude and Isabel Paehr

The chapter "Getting a Handle on Critical Pedagogies: Notes on Interdependencies and Care in Interdisciplinary Technoscience" can be found on pages 265-281.

"Gendered Configurations of Humans and Machines", edited by Jan Büssers, Anja Faulhaber, Myriam Raboldt and Rebecca Wiesner.

In numerous fields of science, work, and everyday life, humans and machines have been increasingly entangled, developing an ever-growing toolbox of interactions. These entanglements affect our daily lives and pose possibilities as well as restrictions, chances as well as challenges. The contributions of this volume tackle related issues by adopting a highly interdisciplinary perspective. How do digitalization and artificial intelligence affect gender relations? How can intersectionality be newly understood in an increasingly internationally networked world? This volume is a collection of contributions deriving from the “Interdisciplinary Conference on the Relations of Humans, Machines and Gender” which took place in Braunschweig (October 16–19, 2019). It also includes the keynotes given by Cecile Crutzen, Galit Wellner and Helen Verran.