Oral Examination

In the oral examination, students should show that they can spontaneously comment on various topics and express themselves in an understandable way.

Students must achieve at least 57% (DSH 1) in the written part of the examination in order to be admitted to the oral examination. They will not be invited to an oral examination if the result of the written examination is clearly insufficient (less than 57%).


The Oral Examination Consists of Three Phases:

  1. Preparation Time: First, the candidate is given 15 to 20 minutes to prepare for the examination interview. Texts, graphics, etc. related to the candidate's chosen field of study serve as the basis for the examination. A monolingual dictionary is permitted as an aid.
  2. Examination Discussion: This part lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. The examination consists of a short presentation of maximum 5 minutes and a conversation of maximum 15 minutes. The basis for the examination is the text or graphic from the preparation. Within the examination, the ability of the candidate to talk and discuss is determined.
  3. Announcement of the Result: Following the oral examination, the candidate is informed of the examination result.


In the oral examination you should be able to comment on various topics and be able to hold a conversation with the examiners. You should prepare for questions about your chosen field of study. Since your speaking skills are tested in this part, you should prepare orally.

Three levels can be reached in the DSH:

DSH 1 (from 57% overall result)

DSH 2 (from 67% overall result)

DSH 3 (from 82% overall result)

If you have not passed the DSH or would like to attempt the examination at a later date, you can register or apply for an entrance test (listening comprehension - reading comprehension - grammar) for the preparation course for the next DSH. The teaching time is approx. 20 hours/week and takes place during the semester. A three-week training course is offered during the lecture-free period.