Written Examination

The DSH written examination consists of four different parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, academic language structures, and task-oriented text production.
You may use a German-German dictionary throughout the examination.

1.  Listening Comprehension

A text is read to you twice. You are allowed to take notes and are asked to answer questions about the text after the second reading (40 minutes).

2.  Reading Comprehension

In this part, you will be given a text to understand and answer questions about (45 minutes).

3.  Structures of Academic/Scientific Language

Here you have to fill out gaps in a text grammatically correctly or make grammatical changes to individual sentences based on the reading text (45 minutes). 

4.  Task-Oriented Text Production

In this part, you are to comment on a given topic in a free text, taking into account certain tasks. The text should consist of about 250 words (70 minutes).


Three levels can be achieved within the framework of the DSH:

DSH 1 (from 57% overall result)

DSH 2 (from 67% overall result)

DSH 3 (from 82% overall result)

If you have not passed the DSH or would like to attempt the examination at a later date, you can register or apply for an entrance test (listening comprehension - reading comprehension - grammar) for the preparation course for the next DSH. The teaching time is approx. 20 hours/week and takes place during the semester. A three-week training course is offered during the lecture-free period.