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Project "Study Teacher Education, Reflect on Success" (LASER)

The successful completion of a teaching degree is decisively promoted by good orientation and integration in everyday study, a goal-oriented and, in the perception of students, 'worthwhile' course of study, identification with the associated professionalization process, and a fit between individual performance and university requirements. In the LASER project, these dimensions are addressed with various measures that are implemented over the course of two years and in combination with different online and face-to-face formats. The initiatives implemented have an informative, advisory and concrete supportive component and build on the experiences of offers and development projects of the core studies subprogram. By participating in events, student teachers are given the opportunity to reflect on study processes and known educational hurdles, with the results being consolidated in an online self-test to be developed for all student teachers. The existing focus on reflexive study elements aims at recognizing the value of studying, countering study doubts and reducing potential dropout.

Project management: Prof. Dr. Hedda Bennewitz

Project staff: Jochen Schwarz