General EducationProf. Dr. Ralf Mayer
Empirical Research in EducationProf. Dr. Hans Peter Kuhn
Empirical Educational Research with an emphasis
on Instructional Quality, School Effectiveness
and Evaluation in Education
Prof. Dr. Frank Lipowsky
Primary School Development and
General Studies in Primary Education
Primary School PedagogyProf. Dr. Friederike Heinzel
History of EducationProf. Dr. Edith Glaser

Prof. Dr. Patrick Meurs

School Education with an emphasis on
the Higher Secondary Level
Prof. Dr. Dorit Bosse
School Education with an emphasis
on the Basic Secondary Level
Prof. Dr. Hedda Bennewitz
School Education with an emphasis
on School and Classroom Development
Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch
Educational Science with an emphasis on
Social Relationships at School
Prof. Dr. Natalie Fischer