Sexual abuse in the protestant church (Evangelische Kirche Deutschland) – A qualitative study

Sexual abuse by a parish priest in the parish of Fuldatal-Ihringshausen in the 1980s: background, situational factors, conclusions

Directors: Prof. Dr. Mechthild Bereswill, Section of Sociology of Social Differentiation and Socio-culture, Prof. Dr. Theresia Höynck, Section of Child and Youth Law, Kassel University

Research assistants: Fanny Petermann and Stella Schwarz

Project duration: 01/11/2023 – 31/10/2025

The research project focuses on structures and mechanisms that protect perpetrators in relation to the systemic dimensions of sexual abuse. The research is guided by questions about actors and power relations, forms of action and rituals as well as theological-pedagogical t discourses and knowledge cultures.

The interdisciplinary research project uses qualitative social research methods. On the one hand, interviews with those affected and other contemporary witnesses are conducted and analyzed. On the other hand, document analyses are carried out.

The project is funded by the Protestant Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck (Evangelische Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck - EKKW).