Research focus

Relational constructivismus und Relationale Soziale Arbeit / relational constructivism and relational social work

The genesis of Relational Constructivism and Relational Social Work can be seen in a general tendency away from substance-theoretical or essentialist discourses towards discourses that argue relationally. On the one hand, contributions documenting the development from radical constructivism to relational constructivism and, on the other hand, contributions documenting the development from systemic-constructivist lifeworld orientation to a theory of relational social work are collected here.


Current results (selection):

Power Theory; Power in Social Work. Theory of Power; Power and Social Work

1. In particular, it is about the development of a relational-constructivist theory of power (including the redefinition of power, help, and control).

2. in general it is about the discussion of "power" in social work. (Questions of interaction towards addressees and society, as well as the political perspective on social power structures).


Current results (selection):

  • Kraus, B. (2021): Power - help - control. Relational foundations and extensions of a systemic-constructivist model of power. In B. Kraus, & W. Krieger (Eds.), Power in social work: interaction relations between control, participation, and release (pp. 91-116). Detmold: Jacobs Verlag (5th ed.) Available at:

  • Kraus, B.; Krieger, W. (20215 / 20164 / 20143 / 20112 / 2007) (Eds.): Power in social work - interaction relations between control, participation and release. Location: Jacobs. (5th revised and expanded edition).

Social work science (as a contribution, difference and connection to "social work science").

Clarification of scientific-theoretical questions in general (What can and should science do?) and that of a science of social work (WSA) in particular. In this context: reflection on the relations between epistemology, ethics and science (value judgment dispute, etc.).

Project (

Current results (selection):

  • Kraus, Björn (2022): Relations between theory, empiricism and normative claims. Attempts to define and define relations in the science of social work. In Social Passages. Journal for empiricism and theory of social work. H. 1/22. available at: s12592-022-00410-y.pdf.