Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



Coordinator of the development of the study program: Bachelor Educational Science - All-day Education - Education and Sustainability at the University of Kassel

Main focus:

  • Resource-oriented development of the planned study program, taking into account cooperations, capacities, and university linkages.
  • Development of the content of the educational science courses with a focus on the profiles of all-day education and education and sustainability (module handbook)
  • Strategic positioning of the planned courses of study, taking into account relevance, career and needs orientation
  • Accreditation



Research assistant in the field of empirical educational research Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Kuhn at the University of Kassel

Main focus:

  • Collaboration in teaching in the area of school development
  • Collaboration in the examination activities of the research area, examination authorization of the Hessian Teachers' Academy
  • Cooperation in the projects of the research area (practice evaluation, NESTER, Praxis3)
  • Preparation of scientific publications




Research assistant in the project Praxis³ - Reflecting, accompanying and appreciating learning processes and aptitude in the school internship together

Main focus:

  • Development of Praxis3 as an internship-accompanying reflection and counseling offer for students in the teaching profession (
  • Development of a Mahara platform to manage the Praxis3 process
  • Development of a tool for self-assessment and assessment by others in practice phases
  • Support and further development
  • Presentation at conferences and publications




Research assistant in the project Evidence-based Further Development of Practical School Studies for Systematic Reflection on Aptitude and Professionalization of Student Teachers within the framework of the Quality Offensive Teacher Education (PRONET2; funding code 01JA1805) at the Center for Teacher Education of the University of Kassel

Main focus:

  • Further development of the present curriculum in the handbook
  • Addition of cross-sectional topics such as gender and diversity sensitivity, ePortfolio work with Praxis3 and others
  • Mapping and documentation of the curriculum in an openmoodle format(
  • Presentation at professional conferences and publications




Research assistant in the project for the evaluation of the pilot project Praxissemester in teacher training in Hesse at the University of Kassel.

Main focus:

  • Project coordination at the Kassel site in project cooperation with the universities in Frankfurt/Main and Giessen.
  • Development of the evaluation design with up to 12 cohorts per location and with up to 15 measurement points (quantitative questionnaire survey) per cohort; additional surveys of school and university internship supervisors
  • Selection and design of survey instruments
  • Survey organization and implementation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Scientific presentation of results at conferences and in journals




Research assistant in the PISA 2015 project at the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), Frankfurt/Main

Main focus:

  • Questionnaire and item development
  • Design of the international teacher questionnaire
  • Evaluation of the field test survey and selection




Research assistant at the chair of school pedagogy and empirical school research of Prof. Dr. Rainer Watermann at the Georg-August-University Göttingen

Main focus:

  • Collaboration in the longitudinal study TIMSS ÜBERGANG.
  • Data collection and processing, scale preparation
  • Research organization

2005 - 2011

Diploma in Social Sciences at the Georg-August-University Göttingen

Graduation: Diplom Sozialwirt

Main focus:

  • Pedagogy (empirical educational research)
  • Political Science (System of the Federal Republic)
  • Public Law (European Law)
  • Economics (development economics)

Diploma thesis in education

on the topic: Prediction of participation behavior in panel studies, grade: 1,0

2004 - 2005

Master of Philosophy, History and Religious Studies, without degree


Civilian service


Acquisition of the general university entrance qualification