Office hours: by appointment (present and online)

Information about state exams

I am currently taking oral state exams in education/psychology on the following topics: heterogeneity, cognition and knowledge acquisition, motivation, teaching methods, teaching quality, language and learning. Please contact me no earlier than 12 months before the exam period.

I do not take written state exams.

Final theses

Hints and topics for final theses can be found here:

Mundt, E. & Hänze, M. (2022). Course characteristics influencing students' oral participation in higher education. Learning Environments Research. (open access).

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Fischer, E. & Hänze, M. (2019). Back from "guide on the side" to "sage on the stage"? Effects of teacher-guided and student-activating teaching methods on student learning in higher education. International Journal of Educational Research, 95, 26-35. (open access).

Fischer, E. & Hänze, M. (2019). Bias hypothesis under scrutiny: Investigating the validity of student assessment of university teaching by means of external observer ratings. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 44, 772-786. (open access).

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